Mid Air by Paul Buchanan

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but jennycolgan was first  

Watched the movie over the weekend and this tune stuck with me.

MissyFrye 10 Mar 2014

Continuing my love affair with the piano, @PaulBuchananBN (from The Blue Nile) gives us lovely song. Mid Air.   5

PaulGroom 22 Apr 2013

And sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in something as fragile, haunting and utterly beautiful as this..

davefilby10 9 May 2015

The Blue Nile break my heart like no other band - most of which is down to Paul Buchanan's vocal. We all know of technically brilliant singers of all styles, but you have to admit that there are also people who have a certain "quality" in their voice that connects with the listener on a purely emotional level, especially when it's IMMENSELY SAD. Can a voice be more wistfully melancholy than this?   10

daved 17 May 2015

Especially devastating at three in the morning.

Discographies 3 Dec 2012

I just saw a preview of #abouttime where this gem features prominently. Just an exquisite song.

treefell 19 Aug 2013