American Tune by Paul Simon

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but virginia was first  

A live version of the #7 most played song from my iTunes. This song is actually based on a chorale by Bach, which was based on a song by Hans Leo Hassler. Fascinating.

Smellyrebel 15 Jun 2015

"That's all. I'm just trying to get some rest." Beautiful live version by one of my all time favourite singer songwriters.

andrewx 28 Nov 2014

For my mama...

Nikkums 12 May 2014

A most sincere and Sta-Prest™ Paul.   1

lisajanepersky 10 Jul 2012

We come in the ages most uncertain hour..

mossland 24 Jul 2014

Oh, we come on the ship they call the Mayflower.  We come on the ship that sailed the moon

scottell 4 Jul 2015