Slip Slidin' Away by Paul Simon #WeWantSid


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but hypodermic was first  

Well this evening I hosted my first track on Let's Loop, sticking with the same avatar and the same Bat tag, quite a few recognisable TIMJ followers on the Loop already, feels like home away from home as our time here on TIMJ slips and slides away. I may just manage to clock up my 100th jam before the door closes on this my first cyber bar cafe!   1

AnSpailpin 16 Aug 2015

Day four of the ice-in. Still pretty bad in the north and west of DFW. Gets above freezing today, so should thaw.   1

MitchLavender 9 Dec 2013

"We work our jobs / Collect our pay / Believe we’re gliding down the highway / When in fact we’re slip slidin’ away"

thomasoshea 31 Aug 2015

Got Paul Simon for company this morning

Bisson 8 Aug 2013

Moping around listening to exclusively 70s folk/rock.

theuncannyalex 12 Sep 2013