Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches

“This is a rude one.”

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This is a rude one.

MylesC 29 Aug 2015

the memory I associate with this song is that around 14 years ago a random record store employee handed me a burnt copy of The Teaches of Peaches with my other purchases and said "I think you'll enjoy this." I still can't figure out if he was hitting on me or just spreading the Peaches gospel. #ohthoseawkwardteenyears   1

condorave 1 Sep 2015

Works for me !

blushift01 26 Nov 2013

sorry for the swears.

lauraaurora 11 Nov 2013

Enough Said.

whitenatalie75 20 Jan 2012

check out my Chrissie Be-Hynd , it's fine all of the time ...

Paradykes 1 Jul 2015