Alive by Pearl Jam

“It's time to feel alive...”

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It's time to feel alive...

cyberdees 28 Jul 2015

Were the unplugged sessions MTV's last actual contribution to music?   1

Wildthing34 27 May 2013

still amazing   8

onelovepictures 30 Jun 2013

Hello all!!! thanks for your love yesterday ;=) Feeling good after yesterday´s procedure and resting...tomorrow more check ups and then I rest for a after that, still no date but Doctors (and here also) are feeling positive.   39

natyblooming 2 Nov 2013

All The Rage!

bess 17 Nov 2014

Sometimes I forget. For a single, tiny second I forget ehy I prefer Pearl Jam over Nirvana. Just like that, I forget it. And then, I listen Alive. Again. And everything is right, once again.

pozo88 2 Mar 2015