Sirens by Pearl Jam


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#PearlJam's #NewAlbum is out next week; this presents a quandary do I a) Patiently add it to my #Christmas list hoping that I'm on Santa's good list or b) Pre-order with #Amazon now???   1

Cornishson73 20 Sep 2013

“Sirens” by @PearlJam is my new "jam". ♫

jt 6 Aug 2015

Another great tune from a brilliant band #PearlJam #Sirens #LightningBolt

Juliangratton 18 Sep 2013

Damn it's good to have them back. The new album is a grower but this one is an instant stand out

StephanoBentos 28 Nov 2013

I can't quit you, Pearl Jam.   2

AtomRamsey 20 Sep 2013

Best band you'll ever see live. This track justifies it all again.   2

taniagarron 21 Dec 2013