“doo-wop till the heart rends.”

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doo-wop till the heart rends.

ofe 2 Mar 2015

Probably my favorite video from this year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2Oqi8Ddqw4

AttackingToms 23 Dec 2014

Slay. Shouts to @whateverson for putting this in my ear.

darlinikkisiks 16 Feb 2015

I'm on such a Perfume Genius kick lately.

StephanieFreund 17 Jun 2015


marie_says 14 Jun 2015

Mike's Music Interview Archive: Mike Hadreas, Perfume Genius. I've always loved music that juxtaposes really pretty music with really ugly, bleak, even horrific lyrics, and very few do that as well as Perfume Genius. Some people are engulfed by the shit that life dumps upon them; others come out smelling like, well, perfume...if there's an explanation why, I'd love to know it... http://triblive.com/aande/music/7965715-74/hadreas-song-genius#axzz3jq4eg8Cl   4

vomitsunami 28 Aug 2015