Make Total Destroy by Periphery

“New album all killa no filla”

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New album all killa no filla

subfuze 28 Jun 2012

I f-to-the-king hate his clean vocals, but my GOD is the rest of the song sublime!

Uzzymeister 10 Aug 2013

How about something HEAVY for a change?   1

jodyhuggins5 1 Feb 2013

Make Total Destroy - Periphery (No idea what's even going on in this video. Misha has a purdy guitar, though.)

cupkaykie 21 Jul 2012

My favorite song off Periphery II

Turk25 15 Apr 2015

Thought I'd go for something more recent and Periphery II is an awesome release from 2012. "Shape the future".   2

IndiHatter 25 Dec 2012