Being Boring by Pet Shop Boys

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#ABCsOfMe B: "Being Boring" opens my favorite album "Behavior" in a blur of synthetic wind and wah guitars providing an appropriate melancholy backdrop for a song that laments lost friends.   4

daftmonk 24 Jan 2015


profanityswan 13 Sep 2015

Regretfully not played last night:   6

ian38018 6 Sep 2014

A wonderfully sybarite film for a sumptuous and engaging POP! song.   8

Bukowski 12 Jan 2015

The "perfect pop song" according to the Guardian- If that doesn't convince you, there's also this 150-page site devoted to the song - For me, they are simply words to live by - "We were never feeling bored, because we were never being boring." Poor Zelda.

LeifTerry 18 Jan 2015

I've always had a soft spot for this song/video. It's one of many songs that remind me of a difficult, soul searching, liberating, thrilling, transitional phase of my life in the early to mid 90's. But the pairing of melancholy with frivolity encapsulated in this video has always moved me.   2

pythonchris 30 Mar 2015