“So long jammers...”

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So long jammers...   1

ganglesprocket 18 Aug 2015

Fa-ta-ta-taa, fa-ta-ta-taa!   3

antonywaltjarv 25 Sep 2015

Seems the right song to leave This Is My Jam with. Thanks for the fun.   3

budgie 21 Sep 2015

So long and thanks for all the jam http://thisismyjam.tumblr.com/post/126260430022/jam-preserves

stuartctaylor 9 Aug 2015

#lastjams I'll be away walking in Corfu for the beginning of Sept. Pete & Dud, Ready Steady Go 1966, just about say it all.............. Hope to meet up again on 'The Loop' although at times that seems to be made more of a problematical by the sheer number of multiple posts that can be indulged in. Still the alternative, is of course, far worse. So Goodbye-ee and thanks to all for a fun time.   10

andybartlett 24 Aug 2015

Well it's been fun. At least our archives will remain. Thanks for all the memories. Catch you on other street corners.   5

emsquare_d 9 Aug 2015