Big Time by Peter Gabriel

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MotherFist 19 Aug 2015

I have a record player in my office at home and have been listening to nothing but So on it for weeks now. As a result, I can't fathom why all my peers aren't obsessed w/ Peter Gabriel all of the time. WHAT A FUCKING GREAT SONG BIG TIME IS. I remember seeing the trippy video as a kid but didn't pay attention to the lyrics until recently, so didn't realize they were satirical. "And I will pray to a big god as I kneel in the big church." Please nobody ever tell me if Peter Gabriel is a terrible misogynist or any other sort of real-life monster, I don't want to know. I bet Peter Gabriel is cool as hell.

LGatesMarkel 15 Jul 2015

the predeccesor to OK Go.   2

Asteroid 11 Feb 2015

Geffen, 1986

tedwilkinson 11 Sep 2014

a great tune and amazon are flogging the album for 1.99 currently!   2

specialdelivery 9 Mar 2014

If I have to have "great big pillow for my big fat head" looping through my mind, you have to have it too.

gths 4 Jun 2015