Don't Move by PHANTOGRAM


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but charlesv was first  

all i have to do is shake, shake, shake   26

solveigo 21 Oct 2012

I'm sure I've posted this before, but it's always worth another listen. Probably my favorite track of 2011.   5

melvillean 21 Jul 2012

All you know how to do is shake, shake/ Keep your body still, keep your body still

NicoleDorman 2 Aug 2012

Shake it!

Regensbloggerin 10 Apr 2015

I'm not your nervous feelin'

J_Dub 9 Nov 2012

If this isn't the song of Summer 2012, I'll eat me sandals, socks & sun-visor. All I know is sh-shake.   2

seaninsound 31 Mar 2012