Fall in Love by Phantogram

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but jorgefino was first  

Fall in me, I'll let you bleed.

missmacaline 9 Apr 2015

Fat synth basslines, sweeping strings, lush vocals, just right to get me going on Monday morning. Loving the new new record.   9

fsohail 24 Feb 2014

It's great baby making music!

samlicious 23 Feb 2015

i've listened to this track approximately 4 million times this weekend. good-ass sampling, synth lines and, that fucking chorus. absolutely killer.   2

Kextun 8 Sep 2015

Another addictive catchy tune ~ enjoy! Hope you have a melodic day filled with loads of good grooves   16

christineb 11 Mar 2014

2 weeks before leaving 2014. Time for my traditional #SeanceDeRattrapage. They simply lightened many of my nights. Voices is a very beautiful album.   8

MyBlueElephant 21 Dec 2014