Marilyn Monroe by Pharrell Williams


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Every color of PharrellHat.

yesterdaysjam 3 May 2014

Not even Marilyn Monroe, queen Cleopatra please, not even Joan of Arc.

maaq1022 28 Aug 2014

Dear diary, it's happenin' again This energy, like I'm 'bout to win I just close my eyes and visions appear She's everything I want, and it's crystal clear Not even Marilyn Monroe Who Cleopatra pleas Not even Joan of Arc That don't mean nothin' to me I just want a different girl

fdavid 2 May 2014

I just really love string arrangements, Arby's hats, and bedazzled track jackets.

ohheynicole 9 Apr 2014


fennakoopman 23 Sep 2014

I will never stop loving this man. If you've not listened to his new album.. do it. This is just the first track... #pharrell #girl #marilynmonroe

Lorraine 7 Mar 2014