I Don't Care Anymore by Phil Collins

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I don't care anymowow. YA HEAR, I DON'T CARE NO MOW!!   4

maddi909 9 Sep 2013

My favorite booth at Agenda Long Beach was I Don't Care Anymore. With a sweet little intro by The Man himself.

portaljams 31 Jan 2015

A great song by a great song writer.

anthonybabecka 26 Jul 2015

Written when Phil Collins was in the throes of an ugly divorce, "I Don't Care Anymore" may very well be the best breakup song ever. In comparison, the much more well-known "In the Air Tonight" was but a menacing thunderstorm in the distance, its drum fill and coda hinting at the EF5 tornado that was to come. Every second of this song oozes a seething, sneering rage that makes "Rumours"-era Fleetwood Mac seem like passive-aggressive whining in comparison. What I just don't get is how the HELL it has not been covered a billion times.

dayglorious 3 Dec 2014

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shammack 15 May 2015