“Music for the cloudy days... mmmmhmmmm”

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Music for the cloudy days... mmmmhmmmm

emmelia 6 Nov 2014

Mama, there's wolves in the house...   2

AndyJoe83 20 Aug 2014

ethereal zone out music, I'm a fan

em_kay29 12 Sep 2013

I was introduced to Phosphorescent in the mid Aughts by my favorite indie-record shop which is no longer in this world. His 2007 album Pride (which is where this track comes from) was that store's parting gift to me as they closed shortly thereafter much to my dismay. Matthew Houck is the key figure behind Phosphorescent (prior to that moniker he used Fillup Shack as his pseudonym). While I am still a huge fan, I do prefer the ramshackle sound of his earlier years 2003-2007.

AheadByEcho 3 Apr 2015

this song + snow = wow.

staralfur 24 Feb 2013

with matching T-Shirt...

mario 19 Dec 2011