Echoes / Live at Pompeii by Pink Floyd

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but obscurator was first  

It seemed a bit creepy to me the first time I heard it,but the riffs has got stuck in my head)   6

berezakrut 5 Mar 2013

Ok, you might be saying "Obscurator, I don't have 24 minutes for this..." You'll thank me at minute 18.

obscurator 1 Mar 2012

What I wanted to put up isn't yet in the public domain yet so in its place is good old PF performing Echoes. Note that the two parts of Echoes have been edited together from Live in Pompeii which, incidentally, is available to watch in its entirety on YT. Anyway, get a beverage, sit back, and enjoy...   2

jem 5 Mar 2014

ultimate back line

lightblack 3 Mar 2014


CrashRaiquen 10 Mar 2014

I'm going to see the Aussie Pink Floyd this Saturday at the Hydro so I thought this would be a fitting moment to put on this masterpiece. Enjoy   1

ScottWilson 17 Feb 2014