Pigs (Three Different Ones) by Pink Floyd

“Great song from a band in its prime.”

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but RedSheep was first  

Great song from a band in its prime.   1

Solmask 8 Oct 2013

#KeepingItPeel the first time I heard this was on the jp show   8

psyclopstrees 28 Oct 2014

This is dedicated to @David_Cameron...   1

catvincent 20 Sep 2015

Big man, pig man, ha ha, charade you are You well heeled big wheel, ha ha, charade you are And when your hand is on your heart You're nearly a good laugh Almost a joker With your head down in the pig bin Saying "keep on digging" Pig stain on your fat chin What do you hope to find? When you're down in the pig mine You're nearly a laugh You're nearly a laugh But you're really a cry.

TotesNotEmilio 3 Sep 2014

ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa charade you aaaaaare   2

RedSheep 20 Aug 2012

My fav Floyd song! ❤️

Mistylovesmusic 25 Aug 2014