Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

“Inspiring band. Beautiful song.”

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Inspiring band. Beautiful song.   2

dropdownsmiling 10 Sep 2012

Goodbye! It's been nice. I've moved to God's Jukebox now. http://www.godsjukebox.com/selections/username/a3poify/ #finaljam

a3poify 21 Sep 2015

I thought I would make my last jam on this sight one of my all time favorites. This, in my opinion, is one of the finest songs ever written. This song, yesterday today and forever, is my jam.

punboy007 20 Sep 2015

Way too relevant and just incredible   1

emclay 3 Jan 2013

Its been great fun, I´ll miss this dearly. Thanks everyone.   11

cherrybomb 25 Sep 2015

Because it still applies, even after all this time.

kh3 15 Sep 2015