Bagboy by Pixies

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Into the Top 10. Pixies released their first new music in nine years, last year, and consequently split the fanbase in half. I'm in the more positive camp, as evidenced by the inclusion of "Bagboy" on the countdown, although "Indie Cindy" is just as good, too. Death to the Pixies! #bestof2013   1

CallumPetch 22 Jan 2014

The first new Pixies song is one of their best, and it's evolution in the live setting has been interesting to hear. The new record feels, to me, like an album of demos-- hopefully their next one will be a bit more jammed out and more natural (and less polished, with more screaming).

masonshelby 15 Apr 2014

New Pixies song? Why thank you!

psibreaker 28 Jun 2013

As mentioned by @AlicejustMay here is another recent Pixie thing. I'm liking their new material.   1

adrian4acn 8 Sep 2013

Just discovered this and had to change my jam....sorry Alejandro. It's been awhile since we had a new Pixies jam.   4

KBro 28 Jun 2013

Es scheint credible zu sein, die Pixies nunmehr scheisse zu finden. Wär jetzt alles Midtempo oder so. Ob nun Frau Deal dabei ist oder nicht - auch egal. Soll sie doch mit den blöden Breeders spielen! Oder sonstwas. Ich mach da jedenfalls nicht mit. Bagboy! Leider Geil.   1

Petunienmann 14 May 2014