Monkey Gone to Heaven by Pixies


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For some reason I never listened to the Pixies. That bit me one evening when I heard this song in a bar and couldn't pull out Shazam quick enough. I went a long time with it stuck in my head, and didn't hear it again for another two years. We're together now though, so it's all good. #MissedConnections #HappyEndings

djloosefit 3 Mar 2015

I wasn't there. I never am.   1

MarcusJHBrown 20 Nov 2011

#Every4ADReleaseInChronologicalOrder Part 130. Need I say more?   4

thesunneversets 17 Sep 2015

The creature in the sky, got sucked in ahole, now there's a hole in the sky, and the ground's not cold. and if the ground's not cold, everything is gonna burn, we'll all take turns, i'll get mine, too.   3

rexter42 2 Jan 2014

This has been in my head for the last two mornings so I think it needs jamming! Reminds me of leaving school :)   15

abigail.deeks 18 Jun 2014

One of those songs that at a very specific juncture in your life you heard all the time--in this case in my shambolic first two years in NYC--and then never again. Damn it, I can't remember the name of the polish/ukrainian bar a couple doors down from McSorley's on 8th Street, but that was where this song was always playing. There was cheap beer and a couple of pool tables and the ceiling was very low, and it was so smoky, my Brit friend Simon likened it to a kippering factory.   3

timmuky 20 Aug 2015