Down By The Water by PJ Harvey

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I adore this woman. This from twenty years ago. Have a wonderful weekend folks.   16

Bukowski 26 Jun 2015

Some people claim PJ Harvey is one of the greatest female artists of this generation. I would go further and say she is one of the greatest artists of all time irrespective of gender. Could have chosen any track from any of her albums. She keeps getting better and I am really looking forward to some new material.   6

AndyWilkinson 16 Sep 2015

20th anniversary. Still such a great album.

dancharvey 27 Feb 2015

I've been singing this to my daughters (inappropriate?) for days now. It's quite an ear worm...   2

teeza 3 Apr 2013

This is a cracker. I love the sound of every instrument on this track. Especially the strings.

billythepost 21 Apr 2015