The Glorious Land by PJ Harvey

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From a great album.

SenatorForLife 17 Sep 2013


Marco 11 Dec 2011

Countdown to End of TIMJ #14: PJ Harvey is a favorite of mine, but as she's not released any new music during my Jam tenure and I've not gotten on a kick with her records lately this is the first time I've posted her here. Let England Shake, her eighth studio LP, was released in 2011 to almost instant acclaim. The album's focus is the horrors of war and its impact on all whom it touches (apologies to @AheadByEcho who may have worded it exactly that way in his recent PJ Harvey post). This bold, challenging album was easily the greatest new album I heard in 2011 and it well may be the best one I've heard this decade (which I think I'm also plagiarizing from @AheadByEcho). I look forward to Harvey's next release!   1

noyoucmon 23 Aug 2015

Just seems appropriate this week. As it is most weeks.   13

purlpower 5 Sep 2013

My new jam: Glorious Land by PJ Harvey - Great song and an awesome media overload of a video

jamesfenton 21 Nov 2012