Nancy Boy by Placebo


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Countdown: De Duizelende Duizend (The Staggering Thousand) Number 475. [from album: Placebo] [year: 1996]

RW104 30 Jul 2015

Music videos are the main reason I miss the 90s. That, and Pok√©mon cards. And having a decent economy.   7

pwoperfish 13 Aug 2013

Love this song Alcoholic kind of mood lose my clothes, lose my lube cruising for a piece of fun looking out for number one different partner every night so narcotic outta sight what a gas, what a beautiful ass.

Bigrob01 23 Sep 2014

In my head this morning; love it!   32

abigail.deeks 4 Nov 2013

I seem to have this 90s alt-rock thing going.

kb 11 Dec 2011

#BrianMolko #placebo #nancyboy chooooooooon!!!!

swearalou 6 Sep 2014