Running Up That Hill by Placebo


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but wedge was first  

One of the best cover versions I know.   2

markv 31 May 2015

If I only could / I'd make a deal with Zod

wedge 16 Dec 2011

A totally new view on an already amazing track.....   3

Alfie_Titchcock 18 Jul 2014

All the talk of Kate Bush has made me want this in my ears. Also, Brian Molko; WHAT A VOICE. WHAT A FACE.   10

BertrandRustles 3 Sep 2014

So now I learn Placebo have a new album out- I really am having a 90's flashback. Love their version of Kate's Running up that Hill   4

cherry_cinnamon 27 Sep 2013

10km run tomorrow. Not looking forward to the uphill at 8km.   4

Fullam 29 Aug 2015