The Trouble by Pogo

“I'm always a sucker for these.”

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I'm always a sucker for these.

travishardiman 23 Sep 2014

The ethereal-ish mellow vibe this gives is awesome. it's like merging your childhood with a fantastic trip.

Zakuradyte 30 Nov 2014


frankcornish 3 Apr 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to any new Pogo music, so in my absence, I’ve realized that I’ve missed over a year’s(!) worth of unheard material. Even after binge-listening through who knows how many songs, the magic and innocent nature of this track has yet to fade. Here’s hoping that he and producer Jeesh collaborate on more tracks in the future.

Enish 23 May 2015

this has been getting to me in a way that music hasn't in a long time. this dude's style has always gone so far beyond the gimmick of "heyyy, disney movies" (which is a hella cool gimmick btw) but this track is fucked up. someone crafting something so beautiful out of samples is really amazing. that hook destroys my shitty heart

NoahHafford 19 Sep 2014

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samueldlockhart 3 Oct 2014