Dark Star by POLIÇA


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Last Jam this year from one of my favourite "discoveries" of the year. Thank you all my lovely Jammy Friends. May you all be well, happy and at peace in 2014!! #TwoDrummers   23

mikelowe 31 Dec 2013

I love this.

CdreSchmidlapp 24 Jun 2015

Totally addicting. Hits so hard when she comes back in at 1:45 with "Ain't no man, in this world..." Love it.

dozens 30 Dec 2011

It's gonna be difficult for them to "dis-ISAM" me tonight. But let's go Trabendo Channy!   7

MyBlueElephant 15 Mar 2013


McKelvie 7 Jun 2012

Another Poliça song. New favourite band? Maybe.   8

McKelvie 17 Feb 2012