Lay Your Cards Out by POLIÇA

“One of my #sxsw favourites. She had great stage presence.”

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but cBaylizz was first  

One of my #sxsw favourites. She had great stage presence.   6

johannakoll 19 Mar 2012

Obsessed with this LP at the moment. Review'll be up on DiS this week. File alongside: Chairlift + Fever Ray.   4

seaninsound 18 Mar 2012

Get your head right   6

nassia 24 Mar 2013

She's divine

leannev 22 May 2014

TIMJ won't let me post the excellent video for this, which is here:   4

thisismymistake 21 Oct 2012

A dreamy Song, for this cold snowy day! Enjoy x

mikeyjeff1970 25 Jan 2013