Sitting Up On Our Crane by Pond


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Yoooo I'm back after a 10 MONTH hiatus! But I return with a plethora of new tunes for your ears. Pond just released their new album 'Man It Feels Like Space Again', and this track's something special! 6 minutes of fuzzy space magic. Enjoy.   2

jeffbuckley 26 Jan 2015

It really is a golden age of psych right now.

christianward 27 Jan 2015

Sitting up on our crane It always feels the same when we're up high Coz it feels like I'm falling down And I can't say goodbye to my friends coz they're having a real good time AND YOU KNOW

darcysmith526 6 Aug 2015

Sitting Up On Our Crane by @pondband is my #jam of the day

SuccotashRadio 24 Feb 2015

New Pond...when you need a little respite from the chaos of holiday shopping and prep.

durno 24 Dec 2014