Glory Box by Portishead

bridgettelomba’s jam on 7 Jun ’15 and then once after that (See all)


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but subfuze was first  


bridgettelomba 7 Jun 2015

For this is the beginning of forever and ever   3

mar_k 27 Feb 2015

oldie but a goodie

subfuze 14 Nov 2011

Portishead's "Dummy", one of the greatest albums of all time, was released 20 years ago today.   5

daftmonk 22 Aug 2014

In a trip hop mood lately, and love the videos - only, horror, I'd forgotten to give Amor de Dias a 'best of' tag. So this is trip hop track 2...   5

alisonsghost 12 Dec 2013

4 chords, pure mood   4

snit 6 Oct 2012