We Carry On by Portishead

“this album is a constant”

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this album is a constant

kafkaesque 2 Apr 2013

Love the cool, almost tribal, sound

lifeless1 12 Sep 2014

Last song of their brilliant performance at Best Kept Secret festival last night. Fantastic!

eviperen 24 Jun 2013

P is for Portishead. When Third was released in 2008 it was Portishead’s first album in eleven years. It has now been seven years since that album came out. The band has toured several times since 2008, but alas, no new recordings have been released. Well, actually they released a did release one track, Chase The Tear, in 2009 for Human Rights Day. But beyond that, nothing. I suppose this is an instance in which we should be happy with what we have.   2

AheadByEcho 15 Sep 2015

I hate when people overuse the word great. Like when people say "it's one of the greatest albums of the year" what are you on about. Use it sparingly. Anyway, to sum up - Portishead are great :) the whole of Third is amazing but I chose this track because they closed their Glastonbury set this year with it and turned it up to 11 and all that. I can still hear the glorious cacophony as I lie here, they're possibly the best live band I've seen. Also as a side note, the skill on show in their music, the musicianship and production, atmospherics etc is just phenomenal, amazing!   6

mjgBZ32 17 Nov 2013

Concentrated POP!   3

Bukowski 8 May 2012