Modern Jesus by Portugal. The Man

“Cracking tune, cracking band, cracking video....Cracking.”

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Cracking tune, cracking band, cracking video....Cracking.

mattdsanders 9 Aug 2013

'Come on in, Take a seat next to me. You know we got, we got what you need'   3

rainbowasi 14 Jan 2014

There have been a lot of excellent Indie Rock albums in 2013, and Portugal. The Man's "Evil Friends" is easily my nicest surprise of them. My favourite track from it is at #29! #bestof2013   1

CallumPetch 3 Jan 2014

great!   3

goldeneudemon 16 Jun 2013

I'm not quite sure what keeps luring me to Portugal. The Man songs, but they manage to do it quite nicely, whatever it is.

JakeMontes 23 Jun 2015

In case my last jam was too pro-religion, this one should balance it out.

ssrusson 20 Jul 2015