Sleep Forever by Portugal. The Man


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ох, это видео сломало мне жизнь

oxfordcoma 21 Oct 2013

It suddenly occurred to me that one of the bands I've really been getting into these past few months is achingly hipster! (or, at least, it probably was a while back, before the hipsters moved on to someone even more obscure). Ah well. I've probably bored enough people with tracks from the Evil Friends album, so here's a wintery video that links the songs 'Sleep forever' and 'Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now) - a video of snow, husky dogs, and a man with a rifle out in the wilderness. Enjoy. (warning, features unexpected violence in the second half)

psibreaker 20 Dec 2013

just wanna sleep forever rn ok?

rebeccanthony 20 Apr 2014

i have listened to this song 116 times in 5 days because i am an actual insane person

HayleyLeier 4 Apr 2015

Wow. Just WOW.

iPaulie 25 Oct 2013

Can't get enough of these guys lately

silvershroud 10 Dec 2012