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Phenomenal 1950's style cover of Radiohead's "Creep." Must Watch!

Remjexhai 19 Apr 2015

This might be my favorite version of this song now.

MooCartoon 8 Apr 2015

part of me hates this. still my jam   1

rxanneb 17 Apr 2015

Hailey Reinhart's voice is fantastic. This and Seven Nation Army (also by Postmodern Jukebox) are some great examples of music in which the artists can actually really sing (no auto-tune here!)   2

keeganfp 28 Aug 2015

Amazing cover.   2

esmyluna 3 Jul 2015

Love the original with all the bittersweet melancholy borne of school-aged angsty nostalgia. This cover both pulls the classic forward and pushes it way, way back. Take that, space-time.

maylene 3 Jun 2015