The First Cut is the Deepest by PP Arnold

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My favorite version of the tune.   11

Avante 14 Sep 2013

As This Is My Jam comes to an end we're all left wondering: is social media dead?   1

dr_jigs 20 Aug 2015

“The First Cut is the Deepest” by P. P. Arnold is my new jam. Listen: #MMFD   4

ailalelo 31 Oct 2014

This is the original release, spring 1967. Written by Cat Stevens, his version released Dec. 1967   9

KBro 29 Jun 2014

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS was the ideal #cheese pain reliever recently...I could just imagine the director advising Christopher Walken on his scene where he has taken peyote, "Just be yourself Chris" I never knew this was the original tune written by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens at the time)...I had always assumed it was a Rod Stewart jam from the many good covers out there shaka sez JAM ON!   13

Shaka 6 May 2014

Definitive version.

Elmo_Keep 7 Sep 2014