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It has never been easy for me, to pick something like "The album of the Year" - but in 2013 the decision was no problem. "Crimson/Red" by Prefab Sprout was such an remarkable and unexpected return and this is my favourite song from it - still sticking on top of my daily playlist ...

inpetto 9 Mar 2014

Finally got round to buying Prefab Sprouts latest album and its really good. This is the first track and it reminds me of the stuff on Steve McQueen from the late 80's which was their finest moment (in my humble opinion).   2

madeofstone 12 Jul 2014

I first heard of this vastly underappreciated 80s Brit Pop band while studying abroad in London. They continue to put out fully formed, layered songs with quirky but memorable lyrics. Paddy McAloon is one of the best songwriters you've never known.

miraclemaker11 19 Jul 2015

Still picking up things that I missed before in these lyrics; Paddy McAloon has to be one of Britain's best songwriters.

faster74 3 Feb 2014

I love this new Prefab Sprout single. Features the words "diadem", "adjacent" and "lax".   1

badmachinery 29 Aug 2013

This is the sound of pop songwriting genius.   1

compactrobot 12 Jun 2013