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R.I.P. Robert "Throb" Young

ohdrahcir 16 Sep 2014

It the Primal Stones, the Rolling Scream! Utter filth - even the guitars sound dirty. Marvellous!

MichaelReader 19 May 2015

I used to think it was socks...

Grayling 8 Aug 2012

It couldn't really be anything else this week. RIP Throb.   1

mcfontaine 13 Sep 2014

This song was an indication of Primal Scream's change of musical style from the dancy Screamadelica, "Rocks" features a more classic rock structure inspired by artists such as the Stones. 90's Classic!   4

phantomstar 17 Jan 2015

Fellas I'm ready to get up and do my thing...   2

MotherFist 1 Apr 2015