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but sarcastathon was first  

Actually want to post this, the first live performance of Purple Rain in Minneapolis in 1983: http://antiquiet.com/music/2010/05/prince-purple-rain-1983-video/

the_fox 21 Aug 2015

Panegyrizing the peculiar, phenomenal prancing pirouetting Prince of pop's pleasing perplexing party palaver, or so long and thanks for all the cushions.

Supermegabot 13 Jun 2013

I feel like this was somehow inevitable.

holarosarita 27 Aug 2013

after all these years it's still like hearing it the first time....

darthapu 11 Jul 2014

this is one of those goose bump songs, 11 years old, first proper kiss to this

125f8 23 Jun 2013