Kiss by Prince

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but christopherowen was first  

I just want your .. 💋

bridgettelomba 8 Jun 2015

Following @iant70's lead and rectifying having not jammed Prince. Outrageous.   1

bekki.bemrose 18 Aug 2015

#funkyfriday & #ISawThemLive Parade tour 1986 - admittedly I didn't see that much. It was Wembley, I was too vain to wear my glasses & he is quite a small chap.   4

JoLoup 14 May 2015

Ok everyone, it's time for the latest playlist in our Decades series and this is probably our favourite. Yes, it's the 80's, a time when hair was big, colours were bright, and pop music was at it's poppest! We hope you enjoy both the article and our pick of 60 of our favourite tracks from the era as much as we enjoyed putting it all together!   11

MVD 14 Oct 2014

#FunkyFriday   32

MsSue 9 Aug 2013

@KParkBro But at least my favorite Prince is readily available.   14

robbfritz 5 Sep 2012