Duel by Propaganda


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Charging back to the present with a wee stop off in 1985...

StillHonest1 11 May 2014

Proper epic 80's power pop.

IamSamRutter 16 Feb 2015

This 80s gem popped up on shuffle yesterday and I'd forgotten how much I love it - if you were in Kirkintilloch High Street at noon (I know you, @kemiladashdot) and saw a woman apparently shouting at herself in a car, the likelihood is it was me.   8

AlicejustMay 17 Aug 2014

#FinalJams rip herrkommissar rip all of us   2

Sam_Crisp 17 Sep 2015

I discovered a long lost mix that I made with someone very special to me for someone very special to us. He was dreaming of living in Berlin at the time, so that was our inspiration.   1

bingsy22 21 Jan 2014