Duel by Propaganda

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Proper epic 80's power pop.

IamSamRutter 16 Feb 2015

I discovered a long lost mix that I made with someone very special to me for someone very special to us. He was dreaming of living in Berlin at the time, so that was our inspiration.   1

bingsy22 21 Jan 2014

This 80s gem popped up on shuffle yesterday and I'd forgotten how much I love it - if you were in Kirkintilloch High Street at noon (I know you, @kemiladashdot) and saw a woman apparently shouting at herself in a car, the likelihood is it was me.   8

AlicejustMay 17 Aug 2014

#FinalJams rip herrkommissar rip all of us   2

Sam_Crisp 17 Sep 2015

Charging back to the present with a wee stop off in 1985...

StillHonest1 11 May 2014