P.Machinery by Propaganda

“Power. Force. Motion. Drive.”

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Power. Force. Motion. Drive.   5

Olimite 29 Jul 2015

Great choice by Simon... Perhaps the best ever non-Frankie ZTT release. Although my view on that may change next time I play the first Art of Noise album again...

clanca1234 25 Jul 2014

installed by the machine

pr10n 13 Aug 2014

They don't make videos like this any more (not even sure if this is a good or a bad thing!)   4

culturalfatwa 21 Jul 2013

Absolutely played Propaganda's albums to DEATH. Heard a track on R2 this morning so thought I'd make this my jam this week...P.Machinery by Propaganda   1

pjmaybe 22 Jul 2014

Another favourite from the 1980's...   1

mikeywebster94 29 Aug 2015