P-Machinery by Propaganda

“Another favourite from the 1980's...”

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Another favourite from the 1980's...   1

mikeywebster94 29 Aug 2015

Great choice by Simon... Perhaps the best ever non-Frankie ZTT release. Although my view on that may change next time I play the first Art of Noise album again...

clanca1234 25 Jul 2014

"a secret wish [...] installed by the machine". Also: DAT BRASS.

animalscones 6 Jan 2014

installed by the machine

pr10n 13 Aug 2014

Power. Force. Motion. Drive.   5

Olimite 29 Jul 2015

Absolutely played Propaganda's albums to DEATH. Heard a track on R2 this morning so thought I'd make this my jam this week...P.Machinery by Propaganda   1

pjmaybe 22 Jul 2014