Gangnam Style by Psy

“stuck in my head.. #oppagangnamstyle

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stuck in my head.. #oppagangnamstyle

kcchiefssuckas 11 Sep 2012

this cropped up on my internet two days ago and now... now.. there is nothing else (via. everyone)   9

solveigo 3 Aug 2012

Catchy k-pop electro-house   1

metabrew 8 Sep 2012

If this doesn't make your day, your day is already over.   27

AlicejustMay 14 Sep 2012

We're going to have this video on repeat until we all understand its deep hidden meaning.   23

TeamJamPicks 2 Aug 2012

You know it couldn't be the #yearinjam without this! All hail @onimonkii, who was the very first to post it.   11

TeamJamPicks 29 Dec 2012