Bring The Noise by Public Enemy

“One of the greatest, most important records of the 20th century.”

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One of the greatest, most important records of the 20th century.   1

wilwheaton 4 Feb 2013

Ya el sábado en el @Festival72810

andamosarmados 6 Mar 2012

"Party for Your Right to Fight" not online. Reading Autobiography of Malcolm X, so it keeps getting in my head   4

thefamilyghost 24 Apr 2012

Something gentle to start the weekend. Public Enemy as featured on my blog   1

StuartEdwards 27 Mar 2015

I dont' think I'm exactly the target demographic they had in mind when they made their music, but 'till this day I still can't help but feel like a badass when I'm driving in my Jeep and a PE song pops on the radio (like earlier today).   4

sweeter 7 Aug 2013

Given that this past Saturday was the anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm, I thought about the sample "too black too strong" that Public Enemy uses in the beginning of this song, taken from Malcolm's "Message to the Grass Roots" speech in 1963. In addition, the contrast between Chuck D's profound, melodic baritone and Flava Flav's scratchy tenor vocal counterpunches make this a song that I will never tire of hearing.

BohoWriterChick 24 Feb 2015