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“This still does it for us. Usually at high volume. k&w ;)”

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This still does it for us. Usually at high volume. k&w ;)

anothercultland 13 Aug 2015

Farewell, Uncanny X-men:"You never listened to a word that I said/You only see me for the clothes that I wear"   3

kierongillen 18 Oct 2012


EmmaPeel007 24 Nov 2014

"My grand finale, my goodbye..." Very sad to see this site go. Such a great no-nonsense community of pure music appreciation. No adverts, no spam, just plain simple sharing of fantastic music in a beautiful well presented way with great people. Thanks to YouTube's licensing deals with VeVo, as usual I actually had great difficulty finding a copy of this track that would embed due to copyright restrictions, which seems quite fitting considering I think that's one of the main causes for this sites demise. Despite TIMJ making the brilliant effort to archive this site, I wouldn't be surprised if unfortunately my last jam and many others end up getting pulled off the internet anyway :-(. You can catch me on Twitter & LastFM @jpaylor, I don't often post much music on there but I'll start to do so. I might give Let's Loop a try, but I'm not too convinced it'll ever be a worthy replacement. Nonetheless, whatever I end up on, you'll usually find me with the same username. Cya! Jonny   2

jpaylor 25 Sep 2015

better than sex pistols   1

stevelam 21 Nov 2014

My #ABCofPunk for P has to be PiL. This is so much better than 'This is not a Lovesong' and 'Rise'. John Lydon is a real character.   2

markhyson 24 Jan 2015