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but paultierney was first  

6Music seem to play this track every couple of days, but I haven't seen this video ages. Still fantastic.

paultierney 20 Jan 2012

May the road rise with you Jam-mates!

Scott_hn 2 Mar 2015

In the midst of reading his latest book, I think i'll play the impressive song that gave it it's title.   2

troybettles 10 May 2015

In honor of All-star game tonight and Woody Guthrie's birthday. #ThisMachineKillsFascists

PhillyGep 14 Jul 2015

........ and may you be in heaven an hour before the devil knows your dead .   2

Hepsibar 24 Aug 2015

"I could be wrong, I could be right"

ronxo 30 Jul 2013