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Like the rest of the #TIMJ community I was bowled over with the announcement of their intent to archive the service in September. But life does go on and so no grief riddled songs for me, I'm intent to make every one of my last jams to count. I would just like to say that this has been one hell of a journey, I have learnt much, discovered much and this is all down to the wonderful community that is #TIMJ you guys rock! Thank you and for those switching over see you over at...   8

Cornishson73 12 Aug 2015

Public Service Broadcasting use a captivating combination of guitars, electronics and vintage public information films, I know it sounds like a bit of a mishmash however its bloody brilliant!   4

phantomstar 12 Jun 2015

Weekend, "we're off to a good start, play it cool."

jonjonjohnny 25 Jul 2015

Love this track and this is where I first heard it, indeed you can us in the crowd as the camera flies over...   4

StillHonest1 15 May 2015

Just trying to jam as much as possible and stumbled on this! Really cool and I want it for my archive - Am jamming like crazy so this may be gone quick:) Thanks @Cornishson73   1

lesakramer5 12 Aug 2015

With @Han and @flaneur archiving TIMJ, and making it "Go", then  having found this song on here to start with, they should make it "Go" in such upbeat style.

davidbrook 25 Sep 2015