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Love this.

blushift01 10 May 2015

'We're off to a good start. Play it cool.' PSB is a London duo named Wrigglesworth and Willgoose. They take found sounds from old archives, mix them with modern electronic instrumentation, and the end result is for my money, rather eargasmic. Their 2nd album is titled The Race For Space and it should be available for purchase online or at record stores by the time you read this. I don't read books that much anymore cuz I'm lazy, but one book I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend is called Failure Is Not An Option by Gene Kranz, NASA Flight Director for the Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo missions. He's the guy shouting "RETRO.. FIDO.. GUIDANCE.. CNTRL.." in his book Gene explains he never actually said those words the Ron Howard movie Apollo 13 says he did. Failure was very much an option at the time, but it's one Gene never accepted. The NASA space program is one of the greatest achievements in human history. Here's hoping humans will go back to the moon and beyond someday.   5

ZachsMind 23 Feb 2015

With @Han and @flaneur archiving TIMJ, and making it "Go", then  having found this song on here to start with, they should make it "Go" in such upbeat style.

davidbrook 25 Sep 2015

Love this track and this is where I first heard it, indeed you can us in the crowd as the camera flies over...   4

StillHonest1 15 May 2015

Weekend, "we're off to a good start, play it cool."

jonjonjohnny 25 Jul 2015

Looking forward to these @greenmanfest

malp11a 16 Aug 2015