“Hope I don't get fed up with this, 'cos I'm playing it to death”

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Hope I don't get fed up with this, 'cos I'm playing it to death

clagnut 26 Feb 2014

Saw these last night in a small club in Chelmsford and they were excellent.   1

AndyWilkinson 3 Nov 2012

I guess I'll follow the 'electro' thing I had from the last jam (great Icelandic band - Legend) with this from Public Service Broadcasting. This live version's great. The mix on the drums is superb and I really like the studio stuff they've put out so far. Bow ties - not for me, but it seems to work for them :) Enjoy...   12

cbinseoul 2 Sep 2014

These guys are playing Glasgow's O2ABC on 2nd May 2015. They are building up quite a following; everything changes - sometimes there's a brass section, or 4 musicians, or whatever. But they always play over black and white footage of British Public Service Broadcasting films. #newmusic   11

daved 26 Apr 2015

Love Public Service Broadcasting. One of the few bands doing something unique and original. This was my introduction to them and I never get fired of hearing it.

davew1968 26 Jul 2015

More of this please

Weirdzo 2 May 2012